Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bigger than ever...

I weigh about 105 kilos at the moment. We - my husband and I - were supposed to start Atkins today, but it didn't happen.

I have got a diagnosis: I have fibromyalgia.

About "57 ways to ease your pain"
There are no 57 ways to ease pain mentioned. What they do mention is:
- massage
- hypnosis; self-suggestions, affirmations
- guided imagery; meditation, relaxing, other anti-anxiety and anti-stress exercises
- deep breathing
- acupuncture
- biofeedback
- hydrotherapy
- physical therapy; yoga, stretching, Pilates; regular exercise
- posture work

- medication
- chiropractor/orthopedy
- eating certain things, avoiding certain other things
- simple distraction, like reading, listening to music etc.
- aromatherapy

I say:
1) Loose weight.
Now, all these statistics and tables and charts are mostly something one cannot trust 100%, but one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to know, that if you are 168 cm (5'6) and weigh over 100 kilos, you weigh way too much. It doesn't matter that the different charts tell your ideal weight is anything from 55-75 kilos, and thus you cannot know what your precise ideal weight is, what matters is that you should weigh under 80 kilos anyway. If it is 75, 65 or 55 kilos that's something only you can tell - think about when you were feeling the best and what did you weigh then. That's your ideal weight.

2) Exercise regularly

3) Stretch - yoga, Pilates etc

4) sleep as well as you can
Find out if you suffer from sleep apnea. It is easily treated and can be a cause of at least some of your pain.

5) breathe
Someone said that we breathe twice as quickly today as 100 years ago...
Here's some breathing exercises.

6) Laugh
8 ways to laugh more

7) food.
Some people have found that sugar and high carb foods make it worse, some people react negatively on meat, some on all "nightshade plants" (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, paprika and eggplant).
Some find relief in ginger, chili or curcumin. (Curry has been good for some people).
Here's Anti-fungal & Anti-Yeast Diet (naturally, bread is a huge no-no in this and not even mentioned and vinegar doesn't contain mold or yeast, on the contrary. Also, soy sauce doesn't contain vinegar.)
You could also be intolerant/oversensitive/allergic to some food. To find out what, keep a food diary. If some food causes itching, swolling, stomach problems, even a runny nose, you should avoid eating that.
Find out how you react.

8) learn to deal with stress and anxiety

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